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The Cambridge Center for Change offers Couples Groups (PDF)

The Cambridge Center for Change offers a variety of groups with both a therapeutic and psychoeducational focus. We believe in the healing power of community and have witnessed the effectiveness of people serving as a resource and support to one another.

Childhood Trauma Recovery Group
A three year structured, experientially based trauma group for men and women who grew up in dysfunctional families and as adults want to find a safe place to join with others to heal. The first goal of the group is to grieve the loss of a normal childhood and finish unresolved issues with one’s parents through the use of structured, experiential exercises. The second goal is to re-parent the inner child. Participants learn basic intimacy skills, conflict resolution skills, and ways of changing conditioned patterns of behavior.

Divorced and Separated Grief Group
"Divorce no longer carries its old stigma in our society, but it hurts as much as ever."
- Sharon Wegschieder-Cruse

This group is for men and women who are newly separated and in need of support tools and strategies for grieving the loss of their relationship and making a new start.

Participants will

• Receive support and comfort from people going through similar experiences.
• Share the story of their marriage and breakup in a safe place.
• Receive help in desiging experientials to help them finish business with their ex-partners in order to move on.
• Identify and grieve the many losses that result from the breakup of a relationship.
• Learn how to discharge anger safely.
• Examine relationship patterns beginning with their family of origin.
• Receive help with specific issues including parenting, finances, and dating.
• Focus on rebuilding and creating a new life.

Groups will meet for four to six months depending on the size of the group. The cost is $50 per session.

Finding Your Soul Mate Group
This group is for men and women who want support, strategies, and tools for help in finding a life partner.

Addictions Group
A group for men and women in early stages of recovery from addiction that helps participants develop strategies for a comfortable sobriety. Topics include the use of twelve-step programs, relapse prevention, examination and alteration of negative core beliefs, and the development of new coping strategies.

Conflict Resolution Couples Group
This group centers around learning and practicing a conflict resolution technique developed by Amanda Curtin called the 1-2-3 process. Participants will also explore topics including increasing intimacy and fun, finance, sexuality, and parenting. This group is co-led by Amanda and Richard Curtin.