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Professional Training
Psychotherapeutic Reiki Training and Supervision Groups

These training/supervision groups are for psychotherapists who have taken first degree Reiki and want to learn ways to combine Reiki energy healing with psychotherapy in their practices.

Topics include:
• How to introduce Reiki and table work to clients
• The ethics and use of touch in psychotherapy
• An energy model for understanding symptom formation and psychological problems
• Treatment planning that utilizes Reiki and psychotherapy
• How to develop cognitive, emotional and behavioral targets to work on with Reiki
• Mental and emotional healing techniques that result in cognitive restructuring and behavior change
• Case supervision
• Specific techniques for working with the body and human energy field ( installing, releasing, being present and breathwork)
• Opportunities to practice techniques with other participants

Groups meet for one and a half hours either weekly, bimonthly, or monthly. Some groups highlight training while others focus on case supervision.

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Psychotherapeutic Reiki

A Holistic Mind Body Approach to Psychotherapy: A Training Manual
By Richard Curtin, Psy.D.

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